The Sun Shines Bright in Casper & Douglas, WY

Don’t let bare windows bump up your electricity bill

As beautiful as they are, your home’s bare windows can be more than just a privacy issue. They also let in the sun, which can shine too brightly and lead to excess heat buildup during the summer.

Don’t allow bare windows heat up your home. Call the guys at WY Blinds & Shutters to install custom shutters designed to keep your home cool and comfortable.

Ready to upgrade your window treatments? WY Blinds & Shutters will come to your home, measure your windows precisely and customize your shutters for the perfect fit. Call WY Blinds & Shutters today for your free consultation.

Add value to your home with custom shutters

Shutters are the only kind of window treatment that can add to the value of your home—that’s because they stay with your home when it’s sold. They’re also more durable than traditional blinds or shades because they’re built into your windows rather than attached to your windowsill. Call us today and we’ll show you how custom shutters can enhance your living space.