Add Comfort and Style to Your Bedroom

We make custom pillows and bedding in Casper and Douglas, WY

Are you struggling to find the right color bedding to go in your bedroom? WY Blinds and Shutters offers custom pillows and bedding to complement your room’s style and color palette. We can order and make:

  • Pillowcases
  • Fabric-wrapped headboards
  • Bed coverings
  • Pillows
  • Runners and settings for nightstands and dressers

From duvets to drapery, you can set apart your room by coordinating all the pieces you have. Call 307-258-2611 today to talk with us about custom pillow and bedding options in Casper and Douglas, WY.

Update your style with custom fabrics

Custom pillows and bedding allow you to be more creative in your decorating. Even the smallest details can have a big effect in your room. You can even change your style from season to season with throw pillows on your bed or sofa. Contact WY Blinds and Shutters today to get an estimate on custom pillows and bedding.