Does Your Home Have Bare Windows?

We create custom drapes in Casper and Douglas, WY

Even if your windows have blinds, they look bare without the addition of drapes. WY Blinds and Shutters creates custom drapes to elegantly accent your walls and interior décor. While there are off-the-shelf options for drapery, custom created drapes will bring your interior design to a new level of style. We’ll help you choose the right drapes for your home based on the fabric, trim and style. Keep your Casper or Douglas, WY home shaded by adding custom drapes.

5 lasting benefits of drapes

If you aren’t sure about adding drapes to your bedroom or living room, it’s worth knowing all the advantages they offer. Putting the right curtains in your room can:

  • Help you control the temperature
  • Provide more privacy
  • Prevent dust from building up
  • Control the light entering the room
  • Accent the appearance of your space

Improve the style of your home’s interior by contacting WY Blinds and Shades for the custom drapes you’re searching for.